BMW Service Inclusive


BMW Service Inclusive. Fixed costs. Full service.

With BMW Service Inclusive, you can enjoy driving pleasure to the full extent. Now and for a period of your choice, you don’t have to waste a moment thinking about the cost of maintenance, inspection or wear & tear. With BMW Service Inclusive, this work is covered for both new and used vehicles – Original BMW Parts included. This not only applies in your country, but worldwide at all participating BMW Service Centres. And if you do happen to sell your BMW, the BMW Service Inclusive package is automatically transferred to the next owner, thereby increasing the resale value of your car.

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BMW Service Inclusive Packages


Which package best meets your requirements? Choose between BMW Service Inclusive and BMW Service Inclusive Plus. And if you combine the additional option BMW Extended Warranty with the service package BMW Service Inclusive Plus, you have the full range of services. In addition to covering maintenance work and wear-and-tear repairs, your entitlement to warranty services is also extended beyond the statutory period.

Find out which service package best meets your needs.

  • BMW Service Inclusive
  • BMW Service Inclusive Plus
  • BMW Extended Warranty
Our Service Packages


Stay on the move in a perfectly serviced BMW: With the BMW Service Inclusive Package Calculator, you can find the package that best meets your requirements.

Your benefits at a glance


• Full cost control: Maintenance and wear-and-tear work using Original BMW Parts combined with service expertise – all at a highly attractive fixed rate.


• Freedom of choice: There are various packages to choose from. Each of these packages include a different range of services.


• Internationality: BMW Service Inclusive is valid worldwide at participating BMW Service Centres.


• Longevity: Regular maintenance means warranty entitlements remain in force and the BMW Mobile Care* mobility guarantee is preserved.


• Transferability: BMW Service Inclusive shifts to the next owner, thereby securing value retention.


• Expandability: You can upgrade or extend your agreement any time you wish.


* BMW Mobile Care services only apply if the regular engine oil service is carried out at a BMW Authorised Service Centre. When you purchase a BMW Service Inclusive package, your entitlement is extended automatically.

Find out which service package best meets your needs.

BMW Service Inclusive FAQ


Here you can find some of the most frequently-asked question about BMW Service Inclusive and all the answers at a glance.

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