Offers from BMW Financial Services.

Which financial products does BMW offer you? What is the difference between leasing, loans, and BMW Select? And which is the right model for me? Here you will find all of the most important basic information.

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  • Lease, loan or Select
  • What are the advantages of financing ?
  • Is leasing worthwhile for companies?
  • Why do I have to undergo a credit check?
  • Wouldn’t I be advised to take a loan?
  • What do monthly instalments depend on?
  • Isn’t a lease prepayment money thrown?
  • What are the options open to me?
  • Difference between Select & target loan?
  • What are the calculated residual value?
  • A contract is a contract
  • What security does residualdebt provide?
  • What contract terms for loans & leasing?
  • What is the annual interest rate?
  • How do I organise a finance contract?
  • When will the payments be deducted?
  • What happens if bank rejects a request?
  • How can I tell you about my new details?
  • How can I adjust it?
  • My personal details have changed.
  • What happens at end of agreement?
  • What does“contractually agreed vehicle”?
  • What happens if vehicle not in contract?
  • Are there any additional services ?
  • What are the additional services ?
  • What additional BMW insurance products ?
  • What are the benefits of BMW residual?
  • What are the advantages of insurance?